App Development Club

@ Oregon State University

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The App Development Club provides members with opportunities to practice app development and learn more about relevant topics. The club focuses on development for iOS, Android, and the web, and is open to working with many other platforms. We work on a term-long cycle, where we set the end of each term as a sprint and encourage members to set goals for their project(s) at the start, and then present their progress at the end. We also ensure educational resources and support are available for any beginner programmers or app developers. If you are interested in app development but don't know where to start, you're in the right place!


Meetings are Tuesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm on a zoom meeting call (link coming soon). During meetings we have workshops planned on multiple app development topics, most of which will be beginner friendly! Typically they will involve a presentation, followed by a live coding session. If there's extra time at the end, it will be spent on Q&A or discussion.

Club Structure

To help app developers pursue their interests, in this club we treat each term as an agile sprint. At the beginning of the term we encourage members to set goals and objectives to complete during the term, with each sprint ending near the end of the term (the week before finals week) where we hold a presentation for each member who so chooses to present their progress on their app. Participation in this cycle is completely optional, but highly encouraged.


On our Resources page, you can find links to tutorials and guides for multiple app development platforms and libraries.


Join us on Discord, or send us an email.